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Surge Protective Device AC Contactor Circuit Breaker Fuse Switch
Micro Switch Tact Switch Bell Isolation Switch Pilot Lamp Staircase Switch Push Button Switch
SB1 Control and Signalling ∅ 22 mm(fixing) SB2-E Plastic Control and Signalling ∅ 22mm(fixing) SB2-B Metal Control and Signalling ∅ 22mm(fixing) SAL-B Control stations and enclosures SB3 Control and Signalling ∅ 25、30mm(fixing) SB4 Metal Control and Signalling ∅ 22mm SB5 Plastic Control and Signalling ∅ 22mm SAL-D, K Control stations and enclosures SB6 Plastic Control and Signalling ∅ 16mm(fixing) SB8 Control and Signalling ∅ 22mm(fixing) SB9 Control and Signalling ∅ 22mm(fixing) SB10 Control and Signalling ∅ 22mm(fixing) AD58 signal indicator series φ16、22、25、30mm(fixing) BA9s series bulb with integral LED AD58 & SM buzzer units SM buzzer series
Limit Switch Time switch Rotary Switch Rocker switch
Terminal Connect Box Plug & Socket
Industrial Plug & Socket
AJ-0132-4/AJ-0232-4 AJ-0132/AJ-0232 AJ-0142/AJ-0242 AJ-0152/AJ-0252 AJ-0332/AJ-0432 AJ-0342/AJ-0442 AJ-0352/AJ-0452 AJ-1132-4/AJ-1232-4 AJ-1132/AJ-1232 AJ-1142/AJ-1242 AJ-1152/AJ-1252 AJ-1332/AJ-1432 AJ-1342/AJ-1442 AJ-1352/AJ-1452 AJ-2132-4/AJ-2232-4 AJ-2132/AJ-2232 AJ-2142/AJ-2242 AJ-2152/AJ-2252 AJ-2332/AJ-2432 AJ-2342/AJ-2442 AJ-2352/AJ-2452 AJ-3132-4/AJ-3232-4 AJ-3132/AJ-3232 AJ-3142/AJ-3242 AJ-3152/AJ-3252 AJ-3333/AJ-3433 AJ-3343/AJ-3443 AJ-3353/AJ-3453 AJ-4132-4/AJ-4232-4 AJ-4132/AJ-4232 AJ-4142/AJ-4242 AJ-4152/AJ-4252 AJ-4332/AJ-4432 AJ-4342/AJ-4442 AJ-4352/AJ-4452 AJ-5132/AJ-5232 AJ-5142/AJ-5242 AJ-5152/AJ-5252 AJ-6132/AJ-6232 AJ-6142/AJ-6242 AJ-6152/AJ-6252 AJ-6332/AJ-6432 AJ-6342/AJ-6442 AJ-6352/AJ-6452 AJ-P013-4/AJ-P023-4 AJ-P013/AJ-P023 AJ-P014/AJ-P024 AJ-P015/AJ-P025 AJ-S113-4/AJ-S123-4 AJ-S113/AJ-S123 AJ-S114/AJ-S124 AJ-S115/AJ-S125 AJ-C213-4/AJ-C223-4 AJ-C213/AJ-C223 AJ-C214/AJ-C224 AJ-C215/AJ-C225 AJ-S313-4/AJ-S323-4 AJ-S313/AJ-S323 AJ-S314/AJ-S324 AJ-S315/AJ-S325 AJ-S413-4/AJ-S423-4 AJ-S413/AJ-S423 AJ-S414/AJ-S424 AJ-S415/AJ-S425 AJ-P513-4/AJ-P523-4 AJ-P513/AJ-P523 AJ-P514/AJ-P524 AJ-P515/AJ-P525 AJ-P613/AJ-P623 AJ-P614/AJ-P624 AJ-P615/AJ-P625 AJ-P613-4/AJ-P623-4 AJ-013-4/AJ-023-4 AJ-013/AJ-023 AJ-014/AJ-024 AJ-015/AJ-025 AJ-033/AJ-043 AJ-034/AJ-044 AJ-035/AJ-045 AJ-013L-4/AJ-023L-4 AJ-013L/AJ-023L AJ-014L/AJ-024L AJ-015L/AJ-025L AJ-513/AJ-523 AJ-514/AJ-524 AJ-515/AJ-525 AJ-533/AJ-543 AJ-534/AJ-544 AJ-535/AJ-545 AJ-613/AJ-623 AJ-614/AJ-624 AJ-615/AJ-625 AJ-633/AJ-643 AJ-634/AJ-644 AJ-635/AJ-645 AJ-113-4/AJ-123-4 AJ-113/AJ-123 AJ-114/AJ-124 AJ-115/AJ-125 AJ-113L-4/AJ-123L-4 AJ-113L/AJ-123L AJ-114L/AJ-124L AJ-115L/AJ-125L AJ-113F-4/AJ-123F-4 AJ-113F/AJ-123F AJ-114F/AJ-124F AJ-115F/AJ-125F AJ-113C-4/AJ-123C-4 AJ-113C/AJ-123C AJ-114C/AJ-124C AJ-115C/AJ-125C AJ-133/AJ-143 AJ-134/AJ-144 AJ-135/AJ-145 AJ-313-4/AJ-323-4 AJ-313/AJ-323 AJ-314/AJ-324 AJ-315/AJ-325 AJ-3332/AJ-3432 AJ-3342/AJ-3442 AJ-3352/AJ-3452 AJ-413-4/AJ-423-4 AJ-413/AJ-423 AJ-414/AJ-424 AJ-415/AJ-425 AJ-433/AJ-443 AJ-434/AJ-444 AJ-435/AJ-445 AJ-213-4/AJ-223-4 AJ-213/AJ-223 AJ-214/AJ-224 AJ-215/AJ-225 AJ-213L-4/AJ-223L-4 AJ-213L/AJ-223L AJ-214L/AJ-224L AJ-215L/AJ-225L AJ-233/AJ-243 AJ-234/AJ-244 AJ-235/AJ-245 AJ-012 AJ-212 AJ-112 AJ-112R AJ-112F AJ-112S AJ-112Y AJ-112E AJ-112R(jacket) AJ-112D AJ-1213 AJ-1313 AJ-1012-4/AJ-1022-4 AJ-1012/AJ-1022 AJ-1013/AJ-1023 AJ-1014/AJ-1024 AJ-1013-4/AJ-1023-4 AJ-S1013/AJ-S1023 AJ-10132/AJ-10232 AJ-10142/AJ-10242 AJ-1605 AJ-1605A AJ-1605B AJ-1605C AJ-615/3×413 AJ-615/3×415
Modular Socket Fun Series Socket C Series 602247 German Type Plug 602202 LK Series
Sensor Transformer & Meter
MES Transformer ABO Series Transformer DBP Series Transformer UK Series Transformer CK Series Transformer NSQ Series Transformer Meter
Square Pointer Meter, SD SERIES 240° Square Pointer Meter, SD SERIES Square Round Pointer Meter, SD SERIES Rectangle Pointer Meter, SD SERIES Round Point Meter, SD SERIES Round Pointer Meter, SO SERIES Square Pointer Meter, HL SERIES Square/Rectangle Digital Meter
MSQ Series Transformer
Relay Others

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